• It’s yogurt
    Only cooler

    When real yogurt and fruit or fruit
    juice combine, what happens is Simply
    Yogurt. Try our all-new frozen yogurt bars –
    available in seven creamy flavors.

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  • Snack Smarter
    Snack brighter®

    The yum of fruit with the heart of veggies.
    Try our Fruit & Veggie Bars – available in five
    flavors including Tangerine Medley.

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  • Laugh louder
    Snack brighter®

    Bring the bright, real fruit flavors of summer
    to any season with Outshine® Fruit Bars.

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What's an Outshine® Bar?

What happens when you combine simple, honest ingredients designed to help you shine? We call it an Outshine® Bar. We believe in nutrition labels that you can pronounce, and the goodness of real fruits, veggies and juice. So find yourself an Outshine® Bar, and shine on!

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What's an Outshine Bar?